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The Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program is designed to help qualified consumers lower their cost of telephone service. A customer qualifies for lifeline service if they participate in one of the following programs: Medicaid, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), Food Stamps, Federal Public Housing Assistance (section 8), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), National School Free Lunch Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or if the household income is at or below the 135th percentile mark of the federal poverty guideline. The Lifeline discount will reduce the cost of telephone service with New Talk by $15.00 in most cases (some areas vary). With your lifeline service, you will receive:

(1) Voice grade access to the public switched network;
(2) Local Usage;
(3) Access to emergency services;
(4) Access to operator services;
(5) Access to interexchange service;
(6) Access to directory assistance; and,
(7) FREE-Toll limitation for qualifying low-income consumers.

To learn more about LIFELINE SERVICE, please visit the official lifeline website at www.lifelinesupport.org, OR Call 1-800-747-6522 and speak to a representative today. Operators are available from Monday thru Friday 9AM to 6PM CST. ENROLL IN THE LIFELINE PROGRAM - TX, In English :: REGŐSTRESE EN EL PROGRAMA DE LIFELINE - TX, En EspaŮol

(1) Lifeline is a federal benefit and willfully making false statements to obtain the benefit can result in fines, imprisonment, de-enrollment or being barred from the program;
(2) only one Lifeline service is available per household;
(3) a household is defined, for purposes of the Lifeline program, as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses;
(4) a household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple providers;
(5) violation of the one-per-household limitation constitutes a violation of the Commissionís rules and will result in the subscriberís de-enrollment from the program; and
(6) Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit and the subscriber may not transfer his or her benefit to any other person.28 13
(7) New Talkís low- income targeted service is a Lifeline service;
(8) Lifeline is a government assistance program;
(9) Only eligible consumers may enroll in the program;

If you qualify based on participation in one of the public assistance programs listed above, you must provide a copy of documentation demonstrating your participation in the program.

If you qualify based on total household income, you must provide copies of one of the documents below:
(1) Prior year's State, Federal or Tribal Tax Return
(2) Retirement/Pension Benefit Statements
(3) Social Security Benefits Statements
(4) Divorce Decree or Child Support Documents
(5) Veterans Administration Benefits Statements
(6) Unemployment/Workers Compensation Benefits Statements
(7) Current Income Statements from Employer or Paycheck Stubs

If you provide documentation that does not cover a full year (such as current paycheck stubs), you must submit three (3) consecutive months' worth of the same type of document from the previous twelve months.